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About Scale Engineering Ltd.


Scale Engineering was founded by Clive Evans in 2005, Clive initially trained as a toolmaker then moved to a consultancy in Poole as hands-on production manager manufacturing scale models for wind tunnel testing. These models were tested at various wind tunnels around the UK and also the US and Europe. As a result of contacts made at the various wind tunnels used around the UK, many of which are university based, it became apparent that there was opening for a company to take on the manufacture of student test pieces, industrial test rigs and research equipment. Scale Engineering work for a number of universities and have also been involved directly with many of the wind tunnels' commercial customers.

The company manufactured and installed the under-floor dynamometer for the Scott Plasma 3 project (Velo Science) at Southampton University and was also the head model maker on this project. We have also been working closely with the Wolfson Unit at Southampton University, designing and manufacturing test equipment for our UK Olympic athletes.

Scale Engineering  work closely with a local firm who work internationally installing and monitoring control systems for aluminium and steel rolling mills, this work requires the manufacture and use of various test equipment to very high tolerances.

We are currently involved in the design and manufacture of wind tunnels, industrial test rigs and research equipment aimed at schools and universtities, as well as the commercial sector. Our company, and it's close network of skilled associates, offer a range of specialist engineering services using many years experience and a skillset which is often hard to find in today's marketplace.

Some of our Clients Include:

University of Southampton
Aston Martin
Optimal Process Technology
Mclaren Racing
Wolfson Unit
C&B Composite Solutions
Winchester College
Bryanston School
EADS Innovation Works (Bristol)
City University London

Wind Tunnels, Testing and Support

Over 30 Years’ Experience of Scale Model Construction & Testing.Wind Tunnel Picture

Having tested in most of the commercial wind tunnels in the UK, Scale Engineering can offer a comprehensive service in all aspects of model build and test support. The extensive knowledge gained led to the development of our very own T1 Wind Tunnel aimed at education.


Other Engineering Projects

Problem Solving - Research & Development - Project Management
Other Projects Picture

Time and an inability to say no have brought interesting opportunities and experience. These projects have included the construction of fibre glass tanks for University of Southampton (fluid dynamic testing), the construction of test rigs for aluminium rolling mill control systems and the manufacture and installation of motorised projection screens for McLaren.