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"The subject of forces and aerodynamics can be a hands-on experience."


“Aerodynamics is a topic of huge interest to many GCSE and A level students, to really see and feel these effects in action is a very special opportunity. We have studied parachutes, sails, cricket balls, wings, high sided vehicles and rockets to name but a few and the demand for the use of the tunnel in investigative A level work always exceeds available time and space.”  - Prof Mike Kearney Bryanston School

“We have increasingly seen that some of the most productive students coming through our wind tunnels are those who have been involved in real, hands-on experimentation during their scholastic career. The value of such work cannot be overstated and gives the students a real grounding in logical thinking and problem solving; characteristics that are vital in engineering. I would highly encourage the use of equipment such as the Scale Engineering Wind Tunnel to help promote aerodynamics and engineering to a future generation.” - Dr Dave Marshal , Wind Tunnel Manager, University of Southampton


The refurbishment of Bryanston School’s small wind tunnel was the catalyst for the design and subsequent manufacture of the ScaleT1 Wind Tunnel. It was Bryanston School's grand surroundings that lead to the decision that the tunnel should be more than a functional piece of equipment and should add aestheticetically to its environment. Many of today’s teaching aids are computer based; the Scale Engineering T1 Tunnel will give students the opportunity to see and feel the forces involved and also experience the satisfaction of planning, making, and then conducting, a real hands on experiment.


The Scale Engineering T1 Wind Tunnel comes supplied with a 2- component load cell, false floor and live Lego table.

There are 5 access windows - held by magnetic catches
Maximum wind speed – 18 m/s 40mph
Length – 3.5 metres (3m with inlet removed)
Width – 0.93 metres (0.72 metres with inlet removed)
Height – 1.6 metres


The load cells can be mounted at the top, bottom or either side of the working section - bottom fixing when used in conjunction with the Lego table.


Please contact us for details: 01929 481141

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Founder Clive Evans is currently involved in the design and manufacture of wind tunnels, industrial test rigs and research equipment aimed at schools and universtities, as well as the commercial sector. Our company, and its close network of skilled associates, offer a range of specialist engineering services using many years experience and a skillset which is often hard to find in today's marketplace.


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