Cycle Mounting Test Rig
River Based Framework for PIT Tag Readers
Testing of Rolling Mill Process Dynamics
Advanced Composite Materials and Techniques
Advanced Tooling of Formed Plywood Projection Screens - McLaren
Drone Propellor Testing

Other Projects at Scale Engineering

Diverse and Specialised Projects Undertaken

Scale Engineering prides itself on its ability to help clients in many diverse fields, and have been involved in a wide range of projects. Our many years experience, coupled with our network of skilled associates and open minded approach, enable us to offer an unusually broad platform of services.

Some of our Clients Include:

University of Southampton
Aston Martin
Optimal Process Technology
Mclaren Racing
Wolfson Unit
C&B Composite Solutions
Winchester College
Brayanston School
EADS Innovation Works (Bristol)
City University London

Optimal - Test Rig Construction

Testing of rolling mill process dynamics.

Collaborative design and manufacture of cam-driven test rig.

Precision machining and operation of high tolerance measuring equipment and strain gauges.

The client was able to gather data to inrease the speed an productivity of aluminium rolling mills.

Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Continued data gathering of salmon populations without the need for trapping and handling fish.

Collaborative design, installation and manufacture of river based framework for PIT tag readers. 

Hands-on manufacture and design together with onsite installation.

Wolfson Unit

Flexible cycle mounting test rig for wind tunnel testing.

Collaborative design, installation and manufacture.

Steel fabrication, machining, pulley systems.

The test rig is being used by Team GB's cyclists in the lead up to the 2016 Olympic Games.

C & B Composites

Project management of carbon fibre component construction and assembly.

Oversee outsourcing of tooling and management of parts construction.

Advanced composite materials and techniques.

McLaren Centre Woking

Lightweight motorised projection screen.

Collaboration on design and materials.

Advanced tooling of formed plywood.

24 x 2m x 3.5m panels, manufactured and installed to produce a 26m diameter, motor driven projection screen.

Wind Tunnels, Testing and Support

25 Years’ Experience of Scale Model Construction & Testing.Wind Tunnel Picture

Having tested in most of the commercial wind tunnels in the UK, Scale Engineering can offer a comprehensive service in all aspects of model build and test support. The extensive knowledge gained led to the development of our very own T1 Wind Tunnel aimed at education.


More about Scale Engineering

R & D, Prototyping and Specialist Manufacturing Services Based in Dorset.Car Image

Founder Clive Evans is currently involved in the design and manufacture of wind tunnels, industrial test rigs and research equipment aimed at schools and universtities, as well as the commercial sector. Our company, and it's close network of skilled associates, offer a range of specialist engineering services using many years experience and a skillset which is often hard to find in today's marketplace.