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Scale Engineering can help develop your project into a tangible reality.

With many years of real-world, hands-on experience in design, problem solving and manufacturing support, founder Clive Evans, and his close network of skilled associates, offers a range of specialist engineering services. Working closely with their clients, Scale Engineering offer a collaborative solution to the task of turning ideas into a working product or prototype.

See below for some examples of Scale's previous projects.

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Detailed assembly and testing of 40% scale wind tunnel models.

Scale Engineering has been developing and improving model design and testing techniques with Aston Martin since 2003.

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Schools, Colleges &

The T1 Wind Tunnel has been an interesting project.

Over the last 10 years tunnel support and demonstrations have been given to many local schools along with test equipment and student projects.

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Centre Woking

The client required a lightweight motorised projection screen, we worked collaboratively on design and material choice.

Project resulted in advanced tooling and forming of bonded plywood panels.

Once completed we installed 24 x 2m x 3.5m panels creating a 26m diameter motor driven projection screen at their Woking technology centre.

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Sport (EIS)

Initially through The University of Southampton but now also directly, Scale Engineering supplies mechanical design solutions and advice to various sports organisations.
Exploring the relationship between athletes and their equipment has been a fascinating experience and is so much more than just “engineering” a solution.

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Scale Engineering Ltd. has worked closely with the Wolfson Unit from The University of Southampton on many varied projects over the past 10 years.

The latest being the collaborative design and build of a new underfloor dynamometer for cycle and athlete testing in the RJ Mitchell wind tunnel.

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Scale has supported the development and design of many different projects for the University.

The latest project being a 150m long wave dampening system for the new, state of the art, towing tank located on their Bolderwood campus.

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At Dyson Technology Centre we carried out precise assembly of a 40% scale wind tunnel model.

 Aerodynamic testing was carried out in the Williams F1 wind tunnel at Grove in Oxfordshire.

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The Game & Wildlife
Conservation Trust

The client required an in river mounting frame to carry pit tag readers as part of the ongoing monitoring of the salmon population in the River Frome.

This data gathering was targeted to monitor the possible effects of small-scale turbine power generation on fish migration.

Wind Tunnels
Manufacture, Sales, Model Testing and Support

Scale Engineering can offer over 30 years’ experience of building and testing scale wind tunnel models. Having tested in 10 wind tunnels both in the UK and abroad, we have a thorough understanding of how to get the best out of your time spent in the tunnel.

The Scale Engineering T1 Wind Tunnel has been designed to be a flexible education tool. From 1st year degree work to secondary school GCSE physics or kids just playing with Lego, the tunnel offers a great opportunity for hands on experimentation giving tangible and practical results covering the field of aerodynamics and the forces involved.


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